10 Things You Don’t Know about Beer

Beer drinking is one of the most usual activities that has been the part of the human society for a long time. Being part of the civilization and long history of more than 10,000 years, there is no actual account how the beer making process came to live. However, with the nomadic hunter from one spot to another finally settling down, mixing down the ingredients began the initial formation of the beer. The official record of beer drinker has been found 6,000 years ago with the Sumeria who used to entitle the beer as “Hymn to Ninkasi” and later it was carried by Babylonians, followed by Egyptians, Romans, and Barbarians. With all the transformation and long history, we have at least one thing to cheer up with.

No matter how small or big is the celebrations, Beer is one of kind that almost every people like to have. Low in alcohol level, cool foam and adequate amount of water which will be gone after the pee are some of its character. With its long history of existence and lots of transformation, beer is now considered as one of the premium drink to grab around. From young to old and from women to men, there’s no age bar or ethnicity of this drink.

10 Things you don't know about beer

With the beer, we have managed to bring you some of the cool ten facts which you have barely reckon while drinking it. Not delaying further, here are some of cool beer facts.

10) Collecting Yeast from the Facial Hair

When it comes to the production of the beer, yeast is one of the core factor which is responsible for the formation and taste of the beer. To our surprise, your facial long beard can help you to form the huge resource of yeast. It sounds absolutely disgusting but at the same time it’s quite amazing. There’s a man in Oregon who discovered and collected huge amount of yeast just to produce beer from it. Glimpsing logically then it sounds right as yeast can be found in depth of the nature which is in raw and rotten format.

9) The Foam determines the quality of the Beer

If you are a regular drinker of the beverage then you might have notice how disturbing get foam in your lips is, after drinking it. Some consider it as the holy taste of the beer while some feels it so disturbing that they might face several appetite problems. Regardless, the foam is very important part of the beer and can tell several things about the beer. The complex foam is formed by the help of carbon-dioxide and the best foam is named as Brussels lace. These substances is so strong that it simply refuses to go away and remain at the bottom of the glass. And if your keen about your glass whether it’s clean or not then it’s pretty simple the best foam won’t be found in dirty glasses while the heavy foam simply describes the quality of the beer.

8) Beer and Marijuana is pretty much close

Now, this sounds amazing, well when it comes to tripping and enjoying the moment, there has always been disputes between two gangs. One who are well addicted to drinks and beverages, and other who are pot headed. Despites of their differences in taking stuff, it’s quite amazing that beer and marijuana can be related with each other. Counting the ingredients flavor of the beer, Cannabaceae in short cannabis sativa is used to give the proper and renowned flavor of the beer. While Cannabis itself is considered as the marijuana plant. So if you’re drinking beer and hate marijuana then you’re like in the same family but you dislike each other.

7) The Strongest beer that comes in Dead Animal skin bottle

With the advancement, there has been raise up of many concepts which can give new design and cover for the beer bottle. Disagreeing all the modern efforts, the UK brewery company BrewDog came up with their own products in which taxidermy is highly used. The general concept simply tells us that taxidermy won’t feet with the beer however the BrewDog beer can be taken as one of the strongest beer with volume of 55 percent and was released in the year 2011. Stating the title as “The End of History” the product comes in dead animal skin while neck and cork is stick out of its mouth.

6) The world most historic drinkable beer

While coming to the history of the beer, then we can simply assume it’s quite old. There are thousands of history which can simply tell us about the rise of beer. However, there’s no actual account, record and proper recipe of the ancient beer. In the year 2010, the shipwreck from the 19th century in Finland was found with hidden treasure which we believe is one of the oldest drinkable beer. The bottle was well preserved from cold abyss while it actually taste very old with acidic effects in the end. The Finish who usually take their beer pretty seriously preserved its natural taste and it was very pleasant. The five bottles beer are in investigation while scientist are trying to figure its actual recipe and upon which the beer will be remanufactured with the brand name Shipwreck beer.

5) Michael Jackson the king of Beer

We all agree that Michael Jackson is the king of pop but there’s another Michael Jackson (1942-2007) who is extremely considered as the king of beer. Born on Britain, Michael represent himself as the beer scholar and beer hunter, whose contribution towards the beer can be related with the current prided beer. Jackson who is also a writer by profession boost up pride and quality of the beer during 70’s era when beer was considered as the layman’s or poorer’s drink. Describing the beer with its cultural importance’s, he has been honored and awarded by numerous awards for his contribution towards the beer sector. And without him, the present world of beer would completely be different and less exciting. Thanks to him we all have beer’s to cheer us up.

4) Relationship between water and beer

There’s no question, how water has been playing important part in our body or in the earth itself. No matter what things we are proud of, the adequate amount of water has always dominated us. Just like this, without water, beer is impossibly incomplete. No matter, how fine the beer ingredients would be, without the quantity of the pure water, beer is simply tasteless. The purity of water also defines the quality of the beer. If we have close eye on the beer Production Company or home, then it always resides near the bank of water. In terms of quality of water and beer, Ireland’s Mountain beers are considered to be one of the greatest.

3) Egyptians Pyramid and Beers

In the old back days, the great river Nile’s bacteria was so high with bacteria that people choose to drink beer instead of the water. Surely, it will make you drunk but the flow of the bacteria in the river is not natural. It came into existence during the time of construction of pyramids. During the mass development of the pyramid, the workers were paid with beers. They were allowed to have three times beer with a room full of beers. Even the workers were highly encouraged and motivated with the beers in hands, however without the help of the beer the massive construction wouldn’t have been completed.

2) Peruvian Corn Beer Chicha

Now, this is totally insane and disgusting way to make the beer however its taste and quality is highly appreciated by the users all around the world. Chicha which is the local beer from Peru has unique ingredients of making it and that is to spit. Sound disgusting? Yes, it’s a fact that the human mouth contains numerous strange bacteria and enzymes and upon spiting up, it can help to bypass the fermentation process of the Corn beer. You simply chew it and spit it out and mix it in the beer. During the process of chewing, the ingredients will be moistened and completely soaked it with saliva. The beer generally taste like sour beer however it is one of the popular refreshment of the world. In the current time, it is replaced by malted barley while some of them still continue their old practices.

1) Number one and best beer in the world

When it comes to the ranking of beer in terms of quality and taste and its superiority to one another, then it has been always good topic for the debate. However, all the beer scholar has come to an agreement while naming the best beer of the world. Trappist Westvleteren 12 us the honorable beer that comes with ABV of 10.2 and it has been in existence from the year 1940.

Coming to its taste, then it is considered as the dark beer which comes with refine chocolate flavor taste. The simple bottle design comes up in yellow Cap with sole lack of labels. It is made by the monastery which is located in the deep countryside of Belgium and you have to go there if you want to taste the superiority of the beer. You can find the long car lines which can extend up to miles. In the year 2012, the monastery was in need of new roof so they decided to export the Westvleteren 12 to numerous countries with the price tag of 75$ and 85$ for six pack along with two tasting glasses. The whole lot was sold out within a minute.

So if you’re willing to have some best beer then just grab it, Christmas just gone, new year is about to come. Well we all need some good reason to have your friends and grab some chill beer. With this cool facts, I bet you will be more engaged with your pal and have some good time. Despites of the beer facts, don’t change your habit of drinking, just remain the way you are and at last Cheers!!

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