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Terms & Condition

The use of the site “Thingsyoudonknow.com” automatically makes you liable to accept all the terms & condition along with our services. Please go through the terms and condition page before using the site. The overall objectives of the site is to provide accurate and transparent information regarding different categories. We believe the site will be useful to gain utmost knowledge and cover interesting facts that will simply ease the users from running conditions. Please use the site by accepting all the terms presented in below paragraphs.

Service Access

The site is responsible to provide useful and facts information to its followers without disturbing and hampering the privacy of the users. Besides, the site has the full authority to block the running service, modify the terms & condition and shut down the whole service without prior notification. By using the site, the users simply confirmed that he is above the age of 13 years. The content of the website is suitable for all the minors and all the age group however we advised proper age guidance. The site can be access 24×7 to all the users and might interrupted in case of maintenance, upgrades, server usage and other things which are beyond our control. Things You Don’t Know.com can be view from all around the world, however, it is not liable for country’s specific rules, regulations and their cyber activities.


The site has some restrictions and limitation that users have to take care of. We strongly advised not to visit the site if you are below the age of 13.

Website Content

The content that are published in this site is well researched, unshared, and unique. Proper credits should be given upon the needs and required by special authorities. Similarly, the users can take the references from our site and use it in a proper manner. Likewise, users are advised to share the content that are worth sharing and give accurate credits to the site.

Third Party

In many contents, there might be the use of hyperlinks and sources, users are free to leave our website and go to the third parties. However, ThingsYouDonKnow.com are not liable for the controlled of such third parties access and can’t guarantee the access of such hyperlinks.

Copyright Claims and competitors

Things You don’t know.com respect the copyrights issues and won’t be using other works as our credits. In case of such scenario where we are found to use such things, please report such contents by filling up the form in Contact. Likewise, we have come across the site www.thingsyoudontknow.com which looks exactly like us, however Things You Don’t know.com has no connection with them. We strictly recommend the site which will benefits the users and feel the difference between both the sites. Likewise, we are not responsible for any contents that has been share by Thingsyoudontknow.com. They are independent party and we are also the independent parties, we believe to cope out with each other in peace and harmony and let users to enjoy content from both the sites.

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