Privacy & Policy

Privacy & Policy

Privacy & Policy has always been the key concern for, in order to take the things seriously we have adopt suitable measures for our users.

Non-personally-identifying information and Personal Identifying Information

This measure has been helpful in order to know the interaction and communication between Things You Don’t and users. Despite of knowing the information such as user’s language, browsers, IP address, region, country and many more, is liable not to share these information with any parties and preserve it for the betterment of the Things You Don’t

In the contrary, Personal Identifying Information includes Name, email, profile, pic, age, gender etc. Since, the viewers is the core part and utmost part of, these data will be kept very confidential and will never shared with any parties at any cost. Likewise, these information won’t be used for any kind of marketing strategies and won’t be misuse which will violate the terms of Things You Don’t


Cookies are generally browser-based and is used to log in and submit content to the site upon its availability. It’s the string information that website stores in your browser and will increase the usage of the website in your browser. You may disallow the cookies from our site, however will not be liable if user’s faces any problems.


Ads may appear while serving the site, the main purpose of the ad is to advertise about products and companies related closely with individual needs and content of the site. The ads displaying companies might use different cookies setting in order to target their customers, product and services, however, we are not liable for such cookies and caches. In case of any problems face by the users in any scenario, we request them to contact the responsible ads agencies and clear out the cookies and caches from their browsers history time and again.

Alter in Privacy Policy

Things You Don’t might change its privacy & policy and modified it according to time and condition. We are responsible to let all our members to know about it. We will use certain methods to let people know about it, however you can always check it here to make sure about it.


Feel free to contact us for any queries, privacy & policy, content, ads, business enquiry by using our contact form.

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