10 Things You Don’t Know about Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is simply a dream or states in which people are well aware about the dream and they can literally manipulate the dream and can make various alter changes. In a specific sense, Lucid Dreaming is the sole idea to control, observe and manipulate your dreams. People who has detail idea about it and has spent most of the time practicing and learning it and can transform their dream into alternate version of real life. There will be hardly any contemporary difference between the actual world and the dream world. You can hear, smell, feel, taste or even do things that you are actually good at in your real life.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucidity mostly occur in such a state when you are in a deep sleep, where you conscious brains start to function and you simply realize you are dreaming. Just at the moment our brain lean on the way to the rousing mode which is generally the start period of the lucid dream. The elementary facts that you must know about Lucid dreaming is in ordinary dreams you simply lost about awareness while in lucidity you are purely aware of dreaming but you just don’t wake up and instead you play with your dreams. It’s scientifically prove that there is no start and there is no ending of the dream so you can escape the questions like where does it start and how do you know it. It takes several days and lots of practice in order to get into the lucid dream.

Before you have more glances on lucidity and wanted to work it out for real, here are some of the top 10 facts about Lucid Dreaming which will surely encourage you to try at least once and feel the real difference.

10) Ancient Egyptians and their first account of Lucidity

There is no doubt about the long history and civilization of Ancient Egyptians. From civilization, manner of living, technology to different kind of prophecy and development has been accounted in the name of Egyptians. According to the record illustrated by Jeremy Naydler (author of Temple of the Cosmos), the ancient civilization believed in three spiritual bodies and their whole system was based on those three bodies i.e. Shat (the carcass body), Ka (presence of living animal body) and Ba (the heartily soul). Ba is mostly regarded as the symbol of bird who has power to fly and float over the sleeping body which in present time presented as out of body experience or lucid dreaming.

9) Out of the five people, one people generally sees or feels the difference of Lucid Dreaming in every month or more

In the year 1988, Synder & Gackenback went for the survey of lucid dreaming where they found 20% of people has felt the hallucinating effect of lucidity frequently in a month or even more times while 50% people has at least made an attempt to discover the amazing features of dreams in their lives. Since, the history of lucid of dreaming is very old, many people has seen it but they just don’t remember and hesitate to share with their loved ones thinking of the fact that these thing don’t exist and they don’t even believe it. According to another research these lucid tendency has been highly found in children which they mostly illustrates as their nightmares and generally wakes up after it. The one’s who sees this kind of dream unknowingly has also been successful into transformation from nightmare to pleasing and creative dreaming.

8) You will just wake up, if you close your eyes in lucid dream

If you are pro in lucid dreaming you can easily change the type of dreams you want to see by closing your eyes. If it happens to have dark and unusual or nightmare dream in lucid dreaming, the first thing you do in lucid dream is to close your eyes and remember something that is pleasant to you and when you open your eyes you will the same thing that you just imagine. Generally it takes lot of practice in order to do that, in amateur cases, people just find themselves in their bed and out of the lucid state.

7) Is it possible to talk with people in outside world?

In the year of 1975, Dr. Keith Hearne who is an expert in lucid dreaming came up with the whole new level of lucidity. He managed to do an experiment with his partner Alan Worsley by tracking his eye movement when he was sleeping and into the lucid dreaming. Since, these terms and practice was not new to them, they agree to remember and focus with each other and try to communicate with each other with the help of movement of their eyes. The shocking experiment indeed prove them right and challenge the lucid dreamer to try even more realistic things. The researcher communicated with each other, went for the official record. Whereas, they made the arrangement to record the conversation frequency through GAMMA brainwave.

6) The special part of the brain helps us to perform lucid dreaming

With the increasing height of Lucid Dreaming, there has been many research and reports which simply illustrate the power of brain and the power of conscious and subconscious mind. According to the research and conclusion from the famous neuroscientist, J Allan Hobson, Dorsolateral Prefontal Cortex is the part of the brain which actively help us to enter into the lucid dreaming. This part of the brain usually gets active while you are sleeping and makes you aware of the sound sleep and the dream that you see and feel. It tends to draw the line between sleep and maintaining self-consciousness, however it takes lot of practice to enter the between the lines.

5) Lucidity a map of consciousness

According to the Susan Blackmore’s, lucid dreaming can be distinct from any other on the basis of their state of consciousness. Susan Blackmore in addition dives into the detail idea about lucid states and the levels how you step into it which also determines the level of consciousness in your brain. There’s no doubt of getting into these states without practicing and learning much however some of the usual states are generally feel and experienced. Being wide awake, false awakenings and dreaming, deep sleep, sleep paralysis and other spiritual experience are some of the examples of states of lucidity which can be determined by an individual’s consciousness.

4) Vitamin increases dream power

According to the research done on the basis of vitamin consumption named vitamin B6, many people has success stories to share with us in terms of reality, vividness, sound, and colorful in their lucid dreams. You can find the 100 mg of dose by your daily balance diet however in the experiment they were given to take 250 mg B6 for several days before getting into the sleep and as a result they can prolong the stay time in lucid dream along with other vivid experiences. However, the experiment was done for short period of time and dose of B6 is quite dangerous if taken daily and for long period of time.

3) Intimacy and Orgasm can be real in lucid dreaming

Just like everything gets real in lucid dreaming, even physical relationship with the people you love or with any girls can be tasted as real. These features has help for many people who are simply afraid of the girls and has no guts to offer them for physical relationship. The strong desire for sex and not able to get girls has also influenced many people to try and work hard to experience lucid dream sex. The cool thing about Lucid dream sex is you can get any girl of your imagination and experience the wild night with them. The muscular work and risen in heartbeat rate along with ejaculation can be experienced in lucid dream.

2) Meditation helps to control your self-awareness

Above all the benefits of meditation, lucid dreaming is also one of the advantage of meditation. The people who are often engaged in meditation and has overall control in their daily behavior has likely to feel lucidity very easily. Their calm behavior and ability to control their inner desire and adaptation of the surrounding environment generally helps them to achieve inner states of conscious. Meditator who are involved in series of lucidity has proved themselves superior in terms of other person in the field of dreaming.

1) Tibetan Monks and path to Enlightenment

Concerning the Tibetan monks and their path to enlighten, things has gone too far for them with the help of lucidity. They have been into meditation and lucidity from a very long time and has their presence in this field for more than 1000 years. They tends to learn and implement different elements of Buddhism into lucidity which includes spiritual discipline, transmissions, empowerment, meeting with the saints, visiting to different world and levitation. They are even best at flying and controlling the surrounding with their inner minds. Tibetan monks illustrates the best example of inner peace and spirituality.

Well, we believe you have known the benefits and basic interesting facts about lucid dreaming and this is one of the best thing which is worth to millions time to try before you die. Learning, practicing and taking whole lot of beneficial things from the dream will not only enhance your performance in daily real life but it also helps you understand the main theme of the spiritual power. Many people has their own success stories and experience, creating several enthusiastic things out of their dream, imagination and memory.

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