Chaos near the North Korean Border – US Drops Bombs

With the test of missiles from North Korea to Northern Japan, The United States of America has just dropped a bomb near the Korean border region.

Both the US and South Korean military has launched a military test attack in reaction to the North Korea recent act. The hot war took the border shape when North Korea launched a missile over the norther Japan targeting to the sea. North Korea aggression to the United States and their neighboring countries is in its peak. Whereas, North Korea has repeatedly threaten to launch a missile attack in Guam.

The test-attack includes a bomb drill across the Korean Demilitarized Zone, while B-1 bombers in reaction to the missile tests from Pyongyang flew over the Korean Peninsula.

Chaos near the North Korean Border - US Drops Bombs

Chaos near the North Korean Border – US Drops Bombs

According to CNN, General Terrence O’ Shaughnessy of the Pacific Air Force, “North Korea’s actions are a threat to our allies, partners and homeland, and their destabilizing actions will be met accordingly.”

The tension between the giant nuclear powers still remains. Now the world awaits for the North Korean leader Kim-Jong action. Hope, the actions won’t cost millions of lives.

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