10 Things You Don’t Know About UEFA Euro Cup 2016

June has always been the favorite month for the football lovers. Whether it’s the giant World Cup or other major tournament, the month has given space to cherish beautiful and traumatic memories for game watchers. It’s the June and the year is 2016 and we know what’s coming. After the UEFA Euro Cup 2012, the day has finally arrived.

Yes, UEFA Euro 2016 has already began. The host country France has already played their first match with Romania in June 10th while other teams are warming up for their action. Past winner’s defending the title while the others are not taking chance to slip away the cup. The battle between the gentlemen game has already began but here, we bring some of the things that you might not know about the beautiful UEFA Euro Cup 2016. Hope you like the article “10 Things You Don’t Know about UEFA Euro Cup 2016”.

10) Expansion in Team

EURO CUP 2016 24 Team

Twenty four major teams will compete for the UEFA Euro Cup 2016 held in France. Accounting its old history, the tournament first took off with only four teams which later expanded to eight teams in the year 1980. With the growing popularity and huge demands from the fans, the team were expanded to 16 in the year 1996. In the meantime, eight more teams will compete for the cup and the decision was made on the basis of vote held in 2008. Looking for more excitement huh?

9) France the host country and strong competitor

10 things you don't know about UEFA Euro Cup 2016

With the end of UEFA Euro Cup 2016 held in Ukraine and Poland, France was declared to be the host for the next tournament. Well, that’ not the end, the strong competitor and the finalist of the World Cup 2006 has lot more to offer for their fans from all around the world. Though the Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema didn’t make it to the team due to his alleged role and scandal involving French International Mathieu Valbuena, there are still number of players which simply makes France strong and better. Hugo Lloris, Laurent Koscielny, Adil Rami, N’golo Kante, Antoine Griezmann, Dimitri Payet, Olivier Giroud and Anthony Martial have the real power to turn the game around. Besides, we might see upcoming legend in Paul Pogba.

8) Extraordinary Paul Pogba

10 things you don't know about UEFA Euro Cup 2016

UEFA Euro Cup 2016, France, legend and we don’t talk about Paul Pogba that’s totally unfair. We all have seen the wonders of the Paul Pogba, the 23 years old player has already make wonders in number of games. Leading the team to win the Series A title for four seasons with Juventus, 28 goals in 124 appearances, regular player for France since 2013 and winning the award of Best Young Player in 2014 FIFA World Cup, it’s quite sure everyone’s eye will surely set on him. With excellent skills and enough confidents, Paul Pogba might be the new legend of the UEFA Euro Cup.

7) The Battle of the Old

Shay Given

Now, this one is quite interesting, Lothar Matthaus from Germany has the record of being the old player to appear in the tournament. He was 39 years and 91 days old when he play in Euro 2000. The record is about to broke in Euro 2016 as there’s two player having the similar age. Well, it’s sure the record will be broken however, it’s the good question that who will break the record as both players is 40 years old and has only 19 days difference. Republic of Ireland’s goalkeeper Shay Given will set the record as Ireland will be playing with Sweden first. However, if he doesn’t then Hungary’s first choice goalkeeper Gabor Kiraly will have the record in his name.

6) Gibraltar played the qualifying match for the first time

10 Things You Don't Know About UEFA Euro Cup 2016

Even though it’s small, Gibraltar is in the rise due to its appearance in the tournament. For the first time in history, Gibraltar has been successful to enter in qualifying game for the cup. The British overseas which lies in the South coast of Spain is one of the 53 teams which took part in the qualifying round. Receiving the full UEFA membership by UEFA congress, the team is full of non-professional players. However, they have been making the huge impact in the competition.

5) Thousands of Free tickets to the youths

10 things you don't know about UEFA Euro Cup 2016

The UEFA Foundation for Children was established in the March, 2015 and will be benefiting with young people. Creating the positive response in the society and benefiting the youth from football, UEFA Euro 2016 will be giving away 20,000 match tickets. However, the tickets will be given to the organization who are working in different fields. Every host city will have 2,000 tickets in their bucket while according to the source, the cheapest ticket will cost only 25 Euro.

4) Smoke Free UEFA Euro Cup 2016

10 things you don't know about UEFA Euro Cup 2016

In order to protect the young people from passive smoking, UEFA will be working with number of organization in order to make the tournament completely smoke free. Amazing right? UEFA along with World Heart Federation and European Healthy Stadia Network will be creating smoke-free environment for all the ticket holders, staff and all the helping hands of UEFA Euro Cup 2016. More than 110 volunteers are responsible to carried out this project.

3) UEFA Euro Cup 2016 Mascot

10 things you don't know about UEFA Euro Cup 2016

Along with the major tournament, there’s always a place for Mascot. From the ball, to the ground, to its appearance to the Mascot, every single things is equally important to make the event successful and memorable. In the contrary, UEFA Euro Cup 2016 mascot is Super Victor. The small boy have international name and has red cloak along with shiny white football shoes. The stylish Victor has power to fly wherever he wants and has the magic to spread love, respect, pride and share beautiful memories with football lovers.

2) Hard work in Stadiums

10 things you don't know about UEFA Euro Cup 2016

Well, it’s common to be spending millions and billions of dollars in order to host the tournament. Football has been the crucial part of the economic system for a longtime. In regards, France has already allocated the sum of 1.6 billion Euro for the construction and renovation of the stadiums. Utilizing the advanced technology, the stadiums that has been introduced in Lille, Nice, Bordeaux and Lyon is all eco-friendly. These stadiums contains well equipped solar panels and majority of the stadiums have rainwater collection system into the grounds. Similarly, the stadiums in Marseille, Paris, Saint-Etienne, Lens and Toulouse has gone through major renovation.

1) Spain struggling to be in form and No Netherlands

10 things you don't know about UEFA Euro Cup 2016

The back-to-back European Champions has been out of the form lately. Though they didn’t lost a single game from the March 2015, the team lost the pre-tournament friendly match against 137th ranked Georgia by 1-0. The team will kick off their journey against Czech Republic and will face Turkey and Croatia later.

Now, it’s quite surprising that the 2014 World Cup semifinalist Netherlands, came to fourth position behind the Czechs, Iceland and Turkey in Euro Qualifying round. With No Netherlands, it’s the fact that they miss the holly festivals and we will surely miss the hard competitions and more fun from the Hollanders.

No matter who will win the cup, it’s sure that we will get to see some amazing game.

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