10 things you don’t know about Olympics

When it comes to the competition and chance to enhance player’s capacity, Olympics is one of the giant event that has been the king of it. Having the long history and creating thousands of players in number of sports so far, Olympics is taken as one of the great sporting events of the planet. Excluding it’s old history, here are 10 things you don’t know about Olympics that might be actually weird for number of people while, it can serve as chilled coke for its lovers.

10 things you don't know about Olympics

10) First Live Telecast of Olympics

The history of the Olympics games is quite old, with the modern technology, every small glimpse of the game can be seen and highlighted. But there was one time, where things were pretty bad and people can only read about it with a fuzzy image of the players. Though radio played their parts very well but The 1936 Berlin Olympics which is also known as “Nazi” Olympics became different and memorable. It’s the first Olympic Games that was televised, though it was only limited to Nazi’s TV and Worldwide broadcasting was not possible. It became the starter of new era. Worldwide broadcasting service came alive in the year 1960.

9) Won a Gold Medal? Is it real?

Now, this one is interesting, we all know about the three types of medal that is given to the competitive player upon winning the title. But do you know Gold medals aren’t the real gold? Surprise, well the gold medals that are given to the player isn’t pure gold. Though the value of the medal is still worth, but the medal is made out of silver with gold plating around it. It doesn’t matter to any player until they decide to melt the part.

8) Summer and Winter Olympics

Coming into two years, there are generally two types of Olympic competition. The international and most athletic competition covering numerous games, Summer Olympics is way huger than winter games. Covering more than 200 countries, Summer Olympics has separate recognition. While Winter Olympics roughly involved 80 countries and covered very limited games. So, don’t be surprise if any player claim him or her to won the Winter Olympics medal. Many of us had no idea Winter Olympics even does exist.

7) Players of all ages

Now this is very generous of Olympics, the game covered players of all ages while it mainly focus on amateur players and give them wonderful platforms to rise and shine. Counting the history of Olympics, it was the competition generally focus and designed to boost the confidence of young and amateur players. Professional players were banned to enter in the competition while 10 years old can compete the competition. The idea of focusing only young players faded away from 1970 and in today’s time we can see number of world class players competing in numerous games.

6) Starter of Paralympic

Well, this is one of the generosity of the Olympics that it give chance to all the people and gender who have been physically assault. Giving hopes and giving life to the people who have disability, 1960’s Olympics never became the ordinary Olympics. It was the year Paralympic took shape while it only includes World War II veterans at the starter. The idea was originally found in 1948, after the inauguration, it has been successful in changing thousands of lives.

5) Extraordinary Fire and the Flame

Before the starting of the giant sports festival, the inauguration began with the lightening of the fire in the glorious place. But there is something that you need to know about the firing flame. The flame is carried by numerous runners all along the way to the host city from the great Greece. Being a bit traditional the flame will reach the ceremony in the perfect time and assist to start up the events. The run has been continued from the year 1936.

4) First Grand Ceremonies

With the advancement in the technology, the opening ceremonies plays very important role for the host country. It not only showcase the country power, but it also showcase the human charismatic behavior. Among several Olympics held, 2008 Beijing Olympics is taken as one of the true example of excellence and people’s discipline. But 1908’s Olympics held in London became the first event having grand opening.

3) Cancelled Olympics

After the starting of the new era and modern era, people have focused more on power rather than peace and sports. In the contrary, Olympics games have been cancelled three times due to consequences of severe wars between lord countries. The 1916 Olympics scheduled to be held in Berlin was cancelled due to First World War. Similarly, the 1940 Summer Olympics planned to held in Helsinki was also canceled due to devastating World War II and so does the 1944 Summer Olympics in London.

2) Nude Olympics

Thank god that we are in modern age where branded clothing plays important role while clothes company has boos the economy of the country. If you were way back in the days, you wouldn’t have to worry about clothes any more. The whole Olympics used to held naked and players used to oiled themselves in order to portrait themselves and give tributes to Greek Gods. Now this is interesting, the word Gymnasium comes from the Greek word where Gymnos stands for naked.

1) Olympic Symbolism

The Olympics games holds lots of history itself. The oldest and largest game events has been important through various means and symbols. Reflecting the ancient things, the Olympics logo itself contains deep meaning. The multicolored rings that are interlocked with each other with white background simply means five different continent coming together for an event. While, we can guess the white background stands for peace and harmony. The mesmerizing symbols came into existence in the year 1912.

So, here we come at the end of 10 things you don’t know about Olympics but the fun and interesting event is yet to happen. Records will be broken, new fame will rise, glory will be achieved, medals will be flowing while the thrill and competition will test the best players from the world. No matter which country will rule the Olympics, history will be written in every series and we are the one to witness the glorious victories.

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