10 Things You Don’t Know about Newborn Babies

What’s more fragile than newborn babies in this planet? Well, in terms of reality there are several things which should be handle with care and in fact very delicate. But to the humans, handling the newborn babies is one hell of a job. The feelings emerge while touching the little growing hand, sparkling eyes and cute bubbly smile, babies have been taken as the gift of gods from the ancient times. Having the power of letting go once all pain and troubles, newborn babies are quite intelligent and can perform several task unnoticeably. Cutting all the crabs right here, here are 10 things you don’t know about babies which might not only surprised you, but also turn your mind to try with your own. Be careful, we don’t mean no harm to little angles.

10 things you don't know about newborn babies

10) They can actually swim

While the millions of youths are struggling for swimming and has deep desire to go under the water, newborn babies have high tendency to swap their feet under the water. A group of insane scientist decided to put 36 numbers newborn babies face into the water, instead of panicking and thirst for survival, surprisingly these babies hold their breath perfectly. Despites of putting under the water, they came out with giggling and smiling faces. In another experiment, they were put under the water again with the support of their parents in their belly, they surprisingly started to kick in doggy patterns which is one of the essential factors and movement for swimming. It actually help them to float, now you reckon why westerners babies are so good in swimming.

9) Little kids can grow their fingertips back

By any means, if your child loses their limb, then there’s no need to be panic. According to Dr. Christopher Allan research and findings, children can grow their fingertips back after elimination, if you just leave it as it is. Strange, but it’s pretty true. According to Dr. Allan, he discovered the idea of growing fingertips back from an eight year old patient. The little girl’s middle finger was cut off due to bike spoke and Dr. was having a hard time to reattach it. Giving the idea of just stick the tip back and hope for the best, the things he noticed after few weeks was totally unexpected and astonishing. After few weeks, the girl’s fingertips grew back and it was totally perfect. In my personal experience, I lost a little part of my tongue at the age of 7 due to falling from the tree, and after several weeks, it was back and well functioned than before.

8)  Babies strength

Have you ever noticed newborn babies playing with your fingers and grasping it so tight? The research states, babies have monkey strength grips, soft, elegant but strong enough to hold their whole body. Though we don’t recommend it to try these stupid things on your babies, but it is the cool fact that they have some unnoticeably strength in their hands.

7) Children’s fingerprints doesn’t last long

Fingerprints has been the significant warrior fighting for the crime for a longtime. Just like the DNA in our body, every single person in this planet have variance in their fingerprints. The fingerprints technology is a milestone to fight the crime, but it can be misleading when it comes to small children. According to the experiment with number of children’s up to the age 17 with alcohol vials shake between their thumbs and fingers. The experiment stated the disappearances of children fingerprints quickly, while the adult’s fingerprints were permanent. The scientist explains the weird events with fatty acids, whithe ratio is quite high in the children rather than adults.

6) Children’s fond of sugar

Have you ever wondered why children’s are fond of chocolate and sugar? Some of us might have caught our children quietly stealing sugar or Horlicks or even milk powder from the kitchen? To be honest, I used to have unlimited milk powder and sugar cubes during my childhood, actually there’s a reason behind it. The children’s body are designed to like the sugar and high tendency for its utmost demand. Counting the positive effects of sugar on their body, it actually works as a natural pain reliever. Though, you can control the amount of sugar on your children, but with this facts, hope you won’t banned them for having it.

5) Chemical connection between mothers and newborn

There’s a reason why mothers feel alive upon holding their newborns. Well, everyone has believed that these angelic figures have the power to heal all your pain, troubles, bad moods and even a crazy hectic day. I have felt it with my niece, while it’s a regular routine of mother. According to research, it happens as the baby simply messes with the chemicals in mother’s brain. When the mother becomes pregnant, she start to produce the chemicals named Oxytocin, it’s the chemicals that we all produce during our happy moments, or at the time of falling in love or having sex. Well, it’s stronger with mothers and upon giving birth to newborns, all these chemicals are transferred to babies. And, no matter how bad mother is feeling, once coming skin contact with babies, it will swing the mood.

4) Newborn can eat a lot and stay away from Fat

If you find your babies covered with fat, it might be other issues or might go with genetics. But according to the research, babies can eat a lot and they have their own system to get rid of the unnecessary fats. Newborns babies have this thing which is called “brown fat” which helps to burn the fat and calories in an incredible speeds. Having the 5 percent of babies’ body mass, they also help children from dying. Whenever, the babies feels extreme cold or a drop of temperature, these brown fat burn the calories and stable the body temperature. These brown fat can burn 400-500 calories per day, while youths are struggling in the gym to burn it, lol.

3) Babies can understand barking of dogs

With above surprising facts, here is one more surprising fact of babies which will surely put smile on your face. Though, they might not understand every word that you say, but newborns understand the bark of the dog, even if they had not seen the dogs in their entire lives. According to the study on six-month-old babies, they can actually understand the reaction of dogs barking. The babies were shown the happy and angry pictures of dog and played the barking of the dogs, they can figure out which one is happy and friendly bark and which one is angry. However, they might know how to react in front of the real dogs and current scenario.

2) Newborns can regrow their hearts

Now this is wonderful and can be a life savers to thousands of innocent lives. According to experiment done in newborn mice, even after removing 15% of their heart, the success rate of growing it back is 100%. In the experiment, the scientist cut off the heart of one week old mice and to our surprise, it grew back within three weeks and began to function just like normal ones. The scientist believes that it will work in all the mammals including human beings. However, it is the matter of debate, full of controversies and right to live no matter what, to try this experiment in human newborn child.

1) Newborns with extensive care and love grows with smart brain

Well, this is quite true. Newborns need lots of care, love and affection from their both father and mother. Changing the diaper and giving two to three times meals won’t help children. Just like the human civilization, these newborns are associated with the community and their love. With extensive care of father and mother, they can grow smarter, while siblings love and other relatives care can help them to learn new things. Babies growing up with single parents and lonesome childhood might later have various problems including depression, anti-socialism and even criminal or psychopath mind.

With all these 10 things you don’t know about babies, I personally believe that you have gain some useful information regarding the newborns. Above all, the last one is very important, no matter what’s our deeds, it is newborns right to grow in peaceful and lovely environment. With lots of chaos and troubles in the world, it is our sole responsibility to give intense love, care, and affections.

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