10 Things You Don’t Know About Mobile Phones

The high tech world has submerged the life of the people into something which is very hard to eradicate. The Mobile phone has really changed the life of the people and developed the part of understanding, has create its importance for living, and has acted as ease to millions of people all around the world. Besides, it has helped in the growth of economic development whereas, we can’t deny of increased in life standard of people.

10 things you don't know about mobile phones

The human mankind has come so far leaving all the back things in the past. You know it’s hard to enlist who doesn’t use mobile phone these days? Well, there might be millions of people who find themselves hard to know all about technology but the majority of billions are up to date about mobile phones. Going back to the old history, the first cell phone was invented in the year 1973 by a Motorola employee ‘Martin Cooper’ resides in the local streets of the New York City of United States of America and leaving the disadvantages of the model behind. The development in this century is going so smoothly that within one touch these phones have power to deliver you a fantastic and easy social networking experience along with many other heroic and cool features. Not delaying much, here are the 10 things you don’t know about mobile phones. Hope you guys enjoy it.

10) NOKIA being best and overtake by Microsoft

10 things you don't know about mobile phones

Recalling the past history of the Nokia business, it stands as the first mobile phones which was released in 1980s. The foremost product of Nokia model name 1100 set the record of bestselling electrical gadget with overall sale of 250 million. The trusted and heroic mobile was the starter of better technology, it was on the huge rise whereas other companies such as Apple, Samsung were just starting their business. With all those customers, Nokia fell apart and drop down from the competition with the interval of time. Whereas, Apple and Samsung conquered the world. As a result, NOKIA is overtake by Microsoft.

9) World’s most expensive phone

10 things you don't know about mobile phones

well, this heading might make you think that how much one can spent for the mobile phones. Believe it or not, the answer would be really amazing and mind blowing. The price of the phone is £5,000,000 (about $7,850,000) and yes it’s true. The Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose is the world’s most expensive phone in the world till now. Its bezel is covered with about 500 diamonds as to make it total we get over 100 carats. The back cover of the phone is made of full rose gold, and the ‘Apple logo’ is formed using 53 small machine pieced diamonds. On top of the home button we will see a single cuter 7.4 carat ping diamond which makes the phone look fantastically beautiful that we ever could have imagined. Thus, there are adequately rich people who would spent millions in gadgets and other interesting stuff that they are keen at.

8) World’s toughest phone


10 things you don't know about mobile phones

After the most expensive phone, now it is the turn of the world toughest phone. Well, what we look for the phone while we buy? Despite of the cool features and advance technologies we will definitely look on its strong parts. In the contrary, people have finally developed the strongest phone which can’t be harmed by water and is still fresh after dropping from the huge height. The Sonim XP3300 Force mobile has been selected as the world strongest phone by the giant World Guinness world records. The mobile survived from 84 feet that is 25 meters drop on the layer of concrete without any damage of a single parts. In addition, it can be securely waterlogged in wastewater down to 2 meters. And by the way, it almost blends that’s the way it’s useful and have got much broad qualities in it and is emerging nowadays very rapidly.

7) Advantages of advanced technology and Cellphone solutions

10 things you don't know about mobile phones

In the busy world, the mobile phone solutions would be new thing to many people out there but it’s the 1st choice for full corporate persona all over the world who reluctantly need to stay connected while on the move. With its advanced functions and broad network it enables magnates and businesses alike to deliver results efficiently and effectively. The Mobile phone solutions also performs well on the personal front-keeping you In Touch with things and people that really does matter the most to you. The Mobile phone solution is the unbeatable choice for people who need to stay connected to high-value information and communications while on the go. Download a wide range of applications to suit your needs and multitask download documents while on a conference call or play games during an instant messaging chat, Download, edit, and save full-sized email attachments in their native file formats.

6) Where’s my CELL-PHONE?
10 things you don't know about mobile phones

You might be well-known that cellphones have got too much specialized features demanding its product and raising day by day with its modern design. Thus, with these features and the developing way of the cell phone people are too much addicted with it but some people are addicted in such a way that think for a while what he/she would be doing without it or say when it’s been Lost. It might sound funny but yes really they suffer from ‘NOMOPHOBIA’ disease which is said as the fear of being without your phone or when you are losing your signals as by the recent scientific statement. Also ‘Telephonobia’ is a disease which is transformed in an individual due to call receive or too much fear of making any calls whereas ’Ringxiety’ is also a disease which is transformed when you do feel that your mobile phone is ringing but actually it’s not ringing as it’s described as ‘psycho-acoustic phenomenon’ likewise ‘Frigensophobia’ is the fear that when you use mobile in a particular way you may have a concept that it’s damaging your brain.

5) CHINA has more internet users on mobile devices than on PC’s
10 things you don't know about mobile phones

China is one of the world’s leading and the most populated country in the world as its total population is 1.357 billion which is big numbers and among them all it’s the fact that China is the country where people are using internet on their mobile devices more than on their PC’s. There are people who uses internet so rapidly that continuously they become Mobile fever for the day like without it they aren’t happy. So, within its vast population it’s one of the shocking fact that people are much addicted of mobile phones than that of PC’s and either for business purposed or say for entertainment purposed like games, applications etc. they use their hand set device rather that heavy equipped PC’s and almost this verifies that Mobile phones have developed so rapidly that makes life changeable to the users’ day to day.

4) Mobile phones contains Bacteria

10 things you don't know about mobile phones
Who would have really cared about the bacteria’s present in while using the mobile phones in their day to day life! But yes, by different researches it is known that Mobile phones contain 18 times more bacteria’s than that of Toilet Handlers. Of course it sounds so funny that how could a mobile be compared to that of the Toilet handlers but as we go on using the devices’ day to day and the radiant between the users and the phone produces different bacteria’s knowingly or unknowingly and finally it’s been contained of the bacteria’s. But it’s not affected that much and might not be flashed in news and even is flashed who would be there saying it has so many disadvantages I won’t use it from now on. Instead, be saying really WHO REALLY CARES. Thus, the bacteria such as the mobile radiant could cause INSOMNIA, HEAD-ACHE AND CONFUSION.

3) 90% of mobile phones are water-proof in JAPAN

10 things you don't know about mobile phones
Japan is the only country where about 90 % of the phone users use water-proof phones. It is because the youngsters are highly addicted in mobile phones in such a way that they even use in the shower. And it’s obvious that Showering can make mobile phones cause problem so by using water-proof mobiles they entertain their mobile phones freely at anywhere and at any time. Even nowadays, it’s been a fashion of the youngsters mainly to use mobile phones which are water-proofs and which is today’s advanced device such that it is developed in its feature that it will last for many years.

2) APPLE phone earns US $300,000 per minute

10 things you don't know about mobile phones
As, we all know today’s generation is all we want is ‘Apple’ products phone in our hand. Of course a phone should be very simple, beautiful and easy to use and that’s what apple products are for. With its brilliant features that has challenged many other companies of phones around the world and has got its branch with the very developing user’s interface such that can you believe that APPLE phone earns US $3000,000 per minute. That’s huge money as it earns. Yes, it’s true having its employees more than 80,000 around the world and as a record in 2012 APPLE sold 3,40,000 IPHONES per day. Also, APPLE is worth more than the entire Russian stock market such that these facts we can be sure that Apple is the best and the most expensive product in the world.

1) Moreover people have Mobile phones than Toilets

Mobile phones than Toilets
There are people from around the world with a high competition of carrying the best Electronic device within the day to day life. Such that if Apple or Samsung brands recently makes a latest Mobile product with best features then there is high demand of the users for buying though how much the cost be. And yes so we can know from the above fact that there are billions of Mobile users around the world using Mobile phones than that of the toilets are built. It is likely to sound so odd but it’s true that people demand’s for the Mobile phones are highly recommended than the Toilets.

Thus, from all these interesting and somehow funny facts about the Mobile phones are well described and maybe you have enjoyed with these Articles. Yes, the Mobile phones are rapidly increasing with its competition with different companies of producing good qualities of design, features etc. and high rising of demand of people around the world hitting any amount of price when they just get some informations about the latest products. Such that the world is the today’s generation of Phones so there are also many interesting facts about the Mobile phones which you are using that you may not know about it.

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