10 Things You Don’t Know about Magestic Mustang, Nepal

Whenever we heard the name of Mustang, we generally assume the giant and great expensive cars. No doubt about the car products and it’s brilliance but we are not talking about the Mustang car. Well, Mustang is one of the wondrous place which lies in the northern heart of Mount Everest country Nepal. Cutting the riddles, words are simply less to describe the beauty of Mustang.

10 Things You Don't Know about Mustang

Serving the place as tourism sector for centuries, the holy land is surrounded by Marsyangdi River and list of mountain range with minute changing weather situation. Mustang which is more popular with the name Forbidden Kingdom or Kingdom of Mustang, it serves as glorious mountain kingdom. The culture and tradition along with mesmerizing views, it has its own uniqueness. Following the tourism track, Upper Mustang Trek, Jomsom Muktinath Trek, Damodar Kunda Trekking, Lower Mustang trekking etc are some of the popular trek that Mustang is famous. Besides its beautiful route and master piece of heaven, Mustang is also famous for Muktinath Yatra and the local drinks Marpha.

Out of all the history and ancient traditions, Mustang has been surprising us in many ways. The heaven in earth facts is awesome and it will surely make you think to visit it during one life time. Here are 10 things you don’t know about majestic Mustang, which will not only surprised you but also clarify the fact that Nature is simply amazing.

10 Things you don’t know about majestic Mustang, Nepal

10) Lost Kingdom

10 Things You Don't Know about Magestic Mustang, Nepal

The history of the Mustang is very old. It has surprisingly kept the tradition flowing from the 15th centuries and successfully reflects the days of beginning of new era. The history believes that Mustang is the lost kingdom of the Tibet while the Tibetan culture and tradition still prevails in today’s time. The lost and forbidden kingdom was once the center point for trade between Himalayas and India. During the 18th era, the forbidden kingdom was associated with Nepal while Mustang served as the tourist place and the route between Tibet and India for a longtime.

9) Beauty overloaded

10 Things You Don't Know about Magestic Mustang

Mustang is regarded as the must visit place in Nepal. Among the several wonders and perfect natural beauties of Nepal, Mustang has its own space and versatility. Located in the northernmost part of the country, it’s rich in natural vegetation. The lonely land has tropical alpine and is surrounded by coniferous forest while Apple field and rhododendron adds sweet flavor in its sight. The entire surrounding hills will be covered with pink and red rhododendron while thousand years old monastery, caves, local tribes and various mountain ranges are beautiful scenarios that will enrich the land.

8) Mustang, example of perfect desert vegetation

Desert Vegetation

Though the land lies in the shadow of Annapurna, Nilgiri and other mountain range, the soil and pretty much the heat is similar to desert vegetation. Standing tall in the high altitude, the cold wind clears out the heat while giant rocks and soil reflects the true example of desert vegetation. The never ending rocky hills and numerous caves holds lots of mysteries and it has always been the best destination for rock climbing and adventurous sports.

7) Deepest narrow valley

10 things you don't know about Magestic mustang

Among the several wonders of Mustang, it also serve as second deepest narrow valley of the country. Streaming the longest river Kaligandaki, Mustang is the origin of Kaligandaki River. The river flows across the south land, while we have to come cross several middle path to reach Jomsom and other upper Mustang part including Muktinath. Accompany and surrounded by the hills, we can reach to Kagbeni in about 30 minutes’ drive following the path of Kaligandaki River. Riding bike or hiring jeep and running between the river with rocky road is mesmerizing part of the trial.

6) Place to have some fun

10 Things you don't know about Mustang

No words to describe its immense beauty, however the place is famous for number of adventurous sports including Cycling, rock climbing, trekking, horse racing and horse riding. Besides, the tradition and century’s old culture and festivals also make Mustang simply a forbidden kingdom. Many tourist follows Mustang in order to have extreme fun with the nature and Tibetan monks and practices makes this place, a best destination for having peace and meditation.

5) Fascinating valleys

10 things you don't know about magestic mustang

In the trail to Muktinath, we come across number of fascinating valleys which reflects the ancient tradition and history of the forbidden kingdom. Jomsom is the starting valley of the trail while it is one of the tourist favorite place and beginning of the beautiful trek route. Jomsom also serve itself as the administrative and commercial center of the Mustang district along with the local residents called by the name Thakalis. Kagbeni is the junction between Jomsom and holy Muktinath temple and it is surrounded by the Kaligandaki River. Going a bit upper, Lomangthan is famous for adventurous trekking while it is the path to Lo Man Thang Kingdom which behold thousand years old Monastery and Gumbas.

4) Beautiful Himalayan range

10 things you don't know about magestic mustang

Mustang being unique in many ways is also the home of various mountain range. Giving the utmost comfort in visitors eyes, Annapurna and Nilgiri wide mountain range shines like a diamond in daylight while the upfront views is simply breath taking. Covered with the snow in winter season, Mustang generally reflects the small portion of Switzerland and its weather. That might be the reason, Mustang is taken as most interesting destination for domestic people of Nepal and people from all around the world who loves to trek.

3) Rich culture and magnificent hospitality

rich culture

The country Nepal itself is the big name when it comes to hospitality and diverse culture. So, Mustang can’t be untouched with that, besides its marvelous and outstanding sight, Mustang is famous for its diverse, old culture, tradition and its own hospitality. All the homes in Mustang district are built in such a way that it can be turned on to homes stay lodge in any moment. Attracting the tourist with their warm hospitality and warm food, it has been successful in giving beautiful memories to cherish to its visitors. The lowlands of Mustang illustrates the rich culture of and consider as the home of Gurungs, also known as thakalis. While the east are covered with typical Manangis and north is covered with Tibetans.

2) Festivals and Thakali food

10 things you don't know about magestic mustang

If you are in Nepal and in Thamel, you can see number of restaurants holding the tagline of “Thakali food””. The food is famous all over Nepal while some Nepalese outside the country also runs the outlets in the same name. The food origin’s is in Mustang while local products such as apples, dry apple, wine, beer and Marpha are some of the famous food from Mustang. Besides the famous food with typical handful taste, various kinds of festivals and events enrich the land. Among several festivals Tigi Festival is one of the famous festival run under the influence of Tibetan Buddhism. The festival has its own myth and faith while it is known for other names as “The Chasing of the Demons” or “Triumph of Good over Evil”. Besides, it follows the message of peace and hope delivered by Guru Rinpoche thousands of years ago.

1) The famous Muktinath Temple

10 things you don't know about magestic Mustang, Nepal

Among several mystery and ancient history, Muktinath Temple is one of the important place and a marvelous trekking route to almost all visitors visiting Mustang. The Temple hold significant meaning for both Hindus and Buddhist people. The meaning of the word Muktinath itself clarifies lots of things. The Word “Mukti” refers to Nirvana while “Nath” refers as Place. In other words the path to nirvana is simply Muktinath. The holy places is one of the Dham among four Dhams. Besides, the stories and myth behind the temple, 108 taps and never ending fire flame, beautiful tracks, high altitude and mountain range are some of the interesting attraction of the Muktinath Temple.

So, with these 10 things you don’t know about majestic mustang, Nepal, many might want to visit the beautiful place and naturally blessed Nepal. I have been there few months back and I simply encourage you not to miss this glorious place and be there at least once in your lifetime. The favorable month for the trek is March to June while rest of the months has number of challenges including bad weather and heavy snowfalls. Happy traveling!!

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