10 Things You Don’t Know about Dreams

Dream!!! Whether it’s in reality or in imagination, Dream is one of the inevitable parts of the human being. From the word good night and sweet dream, people do wish to have mesmerizing dream during their peaceful sleep. Some may found heaven in dream while some are cursed with the demons and called it as a nightmare. Lucid Dreaming is one of the popular dreaming process where we can learn lot more about it, while here’s other 10 things you don’t know about dreams which will surely take your breath away.

Scientist who connects the dream with the sensational act of the subconscious mind, also believes that Dreams is beyond our control and is the deep subject matter that should be carefully studied. Years of research has been made in Dreams, while the irresistible part still holds lots of mystery. The more you dig into the more it becomes complex and mysterious. Excluding all the research and scientific approach towards dreams, these 10 things you don’t know about dreams might help to understand the term a bit more.

10 things you don't know about dreams

10) Typical Dream

Billions of people and billions of dreams in every night, now the question arise does people have similar kinds of dreams? The answer is yes, and it has been proven by the scientific study held in 2004 from the Sleep Laboratory in Central Institute of Mental Health, Germany. The study conducts Typical Dream Questionnaire to 444 participants in which they were asked to identify 55 “Typical Dream Themes” (i.e. being chased, teeth fall out, flying, running, kissing etc). To our surprise they have seen and experienced the themes dream once in their lifetime. So don’t be surprised if people are talking about the same kind of dream.

9) You forget almost 90% of your dream by the time you remember

Have you ever experienced a wonderful dreams that has made your beautiful morning even better and whenever you try to remember the moment, everything is gone? Well, personally I have missed several important dreams in the morning, the study states that within 5 minutes of waking, half of your dream is all gone. And within 10 minutes you have already forget 90% of your dream. However you can put the habits of memorizing the dream and write it down in paper, dreamers often have tendency to write dreams and find meaning within them and try every night to complete the same dream.

8) All the things that we see is pretty much the true

Well, this one is really fascinating and the subheading clarifies a lot. The brain plays amazing role here while we can also see its power and strength over something. The things we see in the dream are normally the things that we have witnessed in our real life. The thousands of faces and unknown people that we encounter in our dream is actually the real people that we have seen in our real lives. We have seen them in some part of our life and we don’t actually remember it, however the large supply of unknown faces and places makes every single dream a bit more different and unique than others.

7) We can learn a lot from Dreams

Have you ever tried something in dreams, an answers to find out or a solution to a problem? Well, many of us simply dreams and forgets but according to researchers from Harvard Medical School, Dream can be a good place to learn new things and overcome the solution to real problems. For instance, many people often sleeps with their real lives problem while some of them have been successful in solving it in real lives. As for my experience, one of my teacher used to dig more information about teaching techniques in his dream and the result was quite successful. The research also states that the learning process can be taken as brain’s way of processing, integrating and understanding the situation and information.

6) Black and White Dream

Now, this is weird, there are small majority of people who have experienced the dream in black in white colors. According to research, these kinds of people have been asked about the color of dreams and they have indicate the soft pastel colors. The University of Dundee even states that the people who has watched black in white TV in the past have high tendency to see black in white dreams.

5) Blind people Dream

Well, this might be the common question to number of us. Just like us, do blind people see dreams? The answer can be little twisted however yes they can see the dreams. The people who have been blind in their later life can see the same kind of dreams that we do. But the blind people by birth can only see auditory dreams in which they can sense and feel sound, smells odor and can identify every little objects that they have observed in their real life. Besides, the study also states that blind people suffers from more nightmares than people who are not blind.

4) Futuristic Dream

Now this part here simply illustrates the true example of learning things from the Dream and the power it beholds. The scientific term for futuristic dream is Premonition dreams and many has stated that they have seen similar kind of things which is yet to happened. Abraham Lincoln dreamt of his own assassination, 19 people dreamt of Titanic catastrophe, Mark Twain’s reluctant dreams about his brother’s death, numerous people received sign of 9/11 attacks etc are some of the famous Premonition dreams that people has encounter in their life. Pretty strange but dreams can be miracles sometimes.

3) Number of dreams in single night

Have you seen numbers of dreams in a single night and have a glimpse of it in the morning? You’re doing something in one dream and in other you’re chilling with your friends and family. Don’t be surprised as the research states that people may have even dozens of dream per night. In addition, the scientist states that we dream new dreams in every ninety minutes throughout the night and the later dreams is longer than the previous dreams. That’s the reason you remember the dreams that you have seen right before waking up while you have only small memories left about previous dreams. The first dream that we encounter is 5 minutes long while the last dream might last 45 minutes to an hour long.

2) You can continue the same dream even after waking up

This is surprising as it is very rare and difficult task to perform in dreams. Suppose you are dreaming of something beautiful and in other second you just wake up. Mesmerizing the joyful dreams you just try to linger into same dreams. We have tried it in some part of life, while some has failed while some has been successful. However, it takes lots of practice. According to study, if you maintain the same position right after you wake up and be calm and memorize the same dream. Then you will simply enter into semi-dreamlike state and with little dedication you can have the same dream and again continue to see it.

1) Lucid Dreaming

Among several studies and practices in dreams, Lucid Dream is one of the most difficult task to gain. For those who is not familiar with the term Lucid Dream, then it’s the dream where you can do whatever you want or you’re the master of your dream and literally control every movement in your dream. There’s a whole community who has gain mastery in Lucid dreaming and can do whatever they want. For instance flying, passing through the wall, travelling to the world, eat what they want, travel back in time while some even regularly have sex in their dreams. Besides, the experience is real and it takes years of practice and hardcore dedication to have lucid dreaming.

Dreams is mysterious in many ways and has been successful in surprising us in many ways. No matter how much you study about the dreams, it’s never ending process while some has even invented things from their dreams. Hope these 10 things you don’t know about dream has helped to learn how remarkable is dreams.

Some bonus facts

  • Larry Page discover the idea of Google from his own dreams
  • C.J. Walker invented hair products from her dream which made her first female self-made millionaire
  • Both Men and Female can experience orgasm in their dreams
  • Smoker who has stop taking smoke has more vivid and clear dreams
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