10 Things You Don’t Know about China

Accounting the list of giant countries who have been massive in number of matters, China is one of the successful countries whose success in terms of many subject matter is worth remembering. Being the power house of the Asia and almost half the world, there’s number of things which attracts us to write about this particular country.

Having the 1th part of the entire world population, and recognize for number of things such as small eyes, white complexions, hard rules and regulation. Kung-Fu, Giant Panda, huge land, large empire, communism, powerhouse, economic growth, development and miracles are some of the known facts about China. But here are 10 Things You Don’t Know about China which might amaze you and make you think once again about the giant country.

10 things you don't know about China

10) Only one time zone around the country

Well, for the small land and country, time is the same, no matter in which corner you’re slugging in, the time is very much the same. We know the fact that many big countries like America, Canada or Africa have different time zone and act accordingly. But here in China, things are quite different, the whole country just follow the same standard time. For short example, if you are residing in Kashgar, a part in western region Xinjiang and someone ask you to meet in 2 PM. Then you must follow the Beijing standard time and know that local western region time is two hours behind the Beijing time. Quite complicated to work like that but darling THIS IS CHINA!!!

9) Millions Of people still living in the cave

Now, this might be interesting. The large icon for the development in the whole earth, people still resides in Caves. Though 30 million people resides in the cave, but we must admit they have class. Going a bit deeper in the scenario, Los Angeles Times state that commonly people from Shaanxi province land resides in the cave. The soil is in good format and shape strong, the Chinese named it as Yaodong and whether you are rich or poor, you’re not going to leave the place. Touched with the latest advancement, the surprise states that these caves has been well equipped with high ceilings, electricity, adequate water and other lavish elements that can ease the life. These caves can be rented and can be sale as well, and it only cost $30 per month and can be priced for more than $46000 for the whole cave.

8) Death with Smoke

With the large population, there comes several complication and troubles which can damage the lives of long never ending list of people. According to various sources, research and survey, it has been confirmed that yearly 1 million Chinese people died just because of smoking cigarettes. While 2 million people died yearly due to consumption of large tobacco products. The survey also confirmed that 50,000 people smoke cigarettes every second. Quite huge huh? 31% world smokers live in china while the majority of smoker is male. Meanwhile the trend of taking smoke by women are increasing day by day.

7) Production and utilization of 60% of world Cement

Now this simply reflects the advancement and utilization of resources in China. With latest advancement and continuous improvising of infrastructure growth and economic growth, China stands as the largest country and exporter of the cement in the entire world. With the research, it reflects that China single-handedly produces world 60% of the world cement and has been in the exporting business from a longtime. Exporting the product all around the world and even to America, Canada, and England, we must admit that it has helped China to develop in every aspect. While it illustrate the small domination of the Chinese market in the international market.

6) Earth can be circled twice by Chinese Railway Line

Perhaps, it’s another good example of Chinese development and infrastructures. From the ancient history, kung-fu to Great Wall of China, Chinese infrastructures and development has surprised us. With the contrary, Chinese Railway new construction is massive and it simply sets the record of having 93,000 Km. Since, the earth total surface is only 40,075 Km, Chinse Railway can literally make a two circle out of it. Strange and surprising but THIS IS CHINA.

5) Millions Of trees are used to make only Chopsticks

Chinese has always been very conscious about their tradition and culture. No matter the man reached to the moon or to the mass, Chinese people tradition won’t be changed and it’s quite a fact. Preserving the culture of eating their food with chopsticks and excluding the modern forks, yearly 20 million trees are cut only to make Chopsticks. Similarly, 20 billion disposable chopsticks is made every single year and there’s still chaos in the market for Chopsticks. Though the deforestation is there, Chinese government taking serious action for the preservation of greenery while restaurant owners has been instructed in the control of chopsticks. Pretty majestic right?

4) Home of half the pigs

The country is big, population is big, land and resources is big, so it’s obvious that things in China is basically big. Excluding all the size of different kinds of animals and birds including Panda and Pigeon, China is considered as the home of 475 million pigs. Quite a huge but yes, the population of the pig is so big that it covers the half size of the world pig’s population. The other surprising fact about Pig and China is, China serve itself as one of the leading exporters of Pork in the whole world. No wonder, there’s money in every field in China.

3) Setting the record in Consumption of Noodles in 2011

Along with variety of traditional foods, Noodles plays very significant role in Chinese people’s life. Part of the little culture and favorite food, Chinese demands for Noodles is remarkably astonishing. Keeping aside all the junk foods available in the market, every year it always breaks the record of its own in consumption of noodles. Following the report of World Instant Noodles Cooperation, China consumed total of 42.5 billion noodles in 2011 and which is almost 43% of the world consumption. Besides, 100 million packs of noodles is consumed by Chinese people in a day.

2) Production of world 49% of Earth’s Coal

We have already talked about technology and enhancement of China in the above paragraph and here is another surprising facts about China that you may not know. According to the reliable trust, the successful pioneer of industrialization nation produces 49% of the world coal while China itself uses the 46% of world coal. China has the record of exporting its coal all around the world including America and Canada, while it has consumed 2.3 billion tons of coal from the past 10 years. Similarly, China currently produces more than 4.3 billion tons of coal every year, the use of coal and balanced in production and consumption is simply amazing.

1) Chinese district produces 8 billion pair of socks

Though all the district of china is in the verge of development through technology and enhancement, there’s one district which is famous for the production of socks. Datang district is the pioneer district of China whose main occupation and business is production of socks. Having the only 60,000 residents in the district, it has been successful in producing 8 billion socks every single year. The district has been independent enough and the production of socks has been spread in more than 12 surrounding districts. The district has also been successful in providing employees to 100,000 employees.

Though 10 things you don’t know about China might end here, but there are numerous facts and things which can simply demonstrate the miracles of the great China. With such huge population, there’s lot of complication and problems but despite of all, their motivation, discipline and enthusiastic work force has always been exemplary. Besides, of all the fun and interesting things, there’s lot of things that we can learn from the giant China.

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