10 lesser known things about The Ford Motor company

So this morning I was standing on roadside waiting for a taxi. And I felt so relieved when i reached my classes right on time , I was thankful to the taxi driver, and automobile makers because due to them humans can go to whatever place they like with ease . It was then, when I questioned myself, how it all started? I mean who created automobiles and all? I googled right then and came up with the conclusion that it all started when Henry Ford started The Ford Motor Company and started mass production of automobiles. I know that the first gasoline powered automobile was created by German inventor Carl Benz , but it was the Ford Motor Company who started the automotive revolution. So today I bring you top 10 lesser known things about The Ford Motor Company.

10 lesser known things about The Ford Motor company, Ford Motor Company

10) How big is The Ford?

The Ford Motor company is one of the richest motor company with total assets worth 237.9 Billion USD , and it has 3 divisions naming Ford Lincoln and Motorcraft but thats not all, Ford own shares in brands like Aston Martin, Jiangling. It also have numerous joint ventures and a long list of subsidiaries, it has more than 200,000 employees. It is the fifth largest automaker in the world.

9) How old is The Ford?

The Ford motor company is one of the oldest motor company , it was founded 113 years agon on June 16, 1903. Back when the Ford company started cars were sort of royal things only a few were made and were too expensive for an average person back . Cars were all hand made and some of the cars and wagons back then had steam engines. It was Ford who revolutionized automotive industry with the concept of assembly lines and it was Ford who introduced the first moving assembly line.

8) Who own Ford?

As it is one of the richest car maker and one of the most influential automotive company in history this question is quite obvious. Well for now The Vanguard Group , Ever core Wealth Management and the Ford Family owns the company. It was stated with $28,000 cash from 12 investors however the country went public n the year 1956.

7) How it all started?

Henry ford wanted to be a car maker from the very beginning of his life in fact Ford is not his first attempt to be a car maker. He started his first company under his own name known as “Henry Ford Company” in 1901 which is today known as Cadillac, a division of the general motors. However he made a second attempt and started The Ford Motor company and became one the most successful car makers in the history

6) The first by the Ford Motor Company

After establishment of the country 1903 it started making cars under several model names but it wasn’t getting anywhere.They started with model A and several other models, on the may of 1908 they started production of Ford model T, the first car to be mass produced they sold more than 15 million Model T’s from 1908 to 1927.

5) Contributions by the Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor company are know for their revolutionary ideas and innovations they started the modern assembly lines, the first moving assembly. They were like prophets they showed the world how to be good at doing things.They introduced the child safety door lock in 1957, they introduced rear seatbelt for the first time in their products .

4) The most iconic things about the Ford

Ford is always known for keeping up with the trends no wonder it was the most sold brand of 1980’s , the ford Model T and The Ford Mustang are the most iconic cars by Ford . The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic cars ever made and one of the longest running models from 1965 to present and till today Ford mustang is one of the most trending car. There are numerous other trending cars by Ford

3) Is Ford only about making cars?

A Big No ! Ford is not limited to car business they also have Racing vehicle team , special vehicle team, Finance companies like Ford Credit. They are also in Stock Car Racing , Formula One car Racing , Nascar racing , Rally Races and other motosports and in fact they are really good at it. They also have Ford Research labs.

2) Sales

Ford is a huge selling brand , from the late 1980’s to the early 2000’s Ford have dominated the world car market. At the peak of its success the Ford Motor Company had more than 25% car sales market share. But like every company Ford have also seen darker days during the mid 2000’s the country faced huge loss solely in the year 2009 the country faced a 12.7 billion USD loss.

1) What can we expect?

Ford is a come-back king despite immense loss in 2006 the company had a notable sales increment in the 2007, and at many points in companies history the company have made come-back from the point of bankruptcy .In the February 2017, the Ford company acquired majority ownership of Argo AI, which will help in making driver less cars. That suggest Ford is making attempts to develop a driver less autonomous vehicle. If successful this could be a game changer and Ford may become greatest car manufacturer of all time.

So these were lesser known things about The Ford Motor Company, what do u think about it please let us know and do share knowledge with your friends.

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