Ten Cool Creative Application for Virtual Reality

Highlighting the magnificent of the modern technology and vast sector that it covers, Virtual Reality has become one of the cool company of the mass population. Being far away from creepy people and having enthusiastic and creative mind, Virtual Reality has given life to millions of people. Whether competing with friends in different games or discovering adventurous path, VR games and VR scope has gathered huge attention in the present time. Coming to the existence from the year 1980’s, we have already collected bad experience, while some of the other potentials investors had examine its depth. Accompanying with large scientific technology, today’s invention and application will set history. Here are 10 cool creative application for Virtual Reality.

10 creative Virtual Reality Application

10) Crime Scenes through VR

The use of gaming structure with Virtual Reality senses is the key theme of analyzing crime scenes. The technology or application is very useful in getting inside the crime scenes without taking step into the actual real crime scenes. Supported by massive high-definition photos and videos, which give the option of zooming every single details, it is wondrous creation of depth research and study of William and Mary College. Accessible with the use of VR headsets in standard courtroom full of digital equipment, we can even scanned things with lasers or view the crime scene in 3-D video with the use of drones.

9) CAVE and Ford

Now this can save a lot, there’s one VR technique best reckon as Cave Automatic Virtual Environment “CAVE”, which gives facility to analyze the object in 3-D and from every angles. It is possible in cube-shaped room and is assist by 3-D projector. The enhance technology has already been used by the manufacturer Ford. The pioneer uses the physical model of a vehicle where virtual environment is created with connection through their engines. Giving the micro-details, Ford states that it helps to analyze every single designs whereas, it minimizes the cost of producing multiple physical models.

8) New era of Marketing

Supporting the backbone of the term marketing, internet has been serving the big products and consumer oriented business very well. But not anymore, though majority might not adopt the new technology, but many has already thought of doing the marketing through VR technology. Helping the needy with actual environment and comfort, auto manufacturer like BMW and Volvo have already taken their steps. BMW has already tested their product test drives and racing while, Hugo, Boss and Dior has been successful in creating VR Campaigns and entertainment the clients with runaway fashion shows. No matter what, it might be next big steps in marketing world.

7) Big aids in Architecture sector

When it comes to architecture and gaming structures, VR games has serve the innovative people to come up with more. With games to study materials, architecture with VR technology saves tons of time and money power. The advance technology gives engineers the power to test every structural designs and give option to manipulate and recreate designs. VRtisan is one of the tech company whose idea of serving an engineer with HTC Vive headset and software based on Unreal Engine 4.12 is simply remarkable. The technology helps to subtract, tweaks design elements in virtual space and many other things in no time. Even Google’s has adopted such technology, where one can Tilt Brush product helps to create design in 3-D space.

6) Experiencing Roller Coaster rides

With the advancement in technology, people have been crazy with VR technology and has led their hands in numerous things including Roller Coaster. Now, just imagine how would you feel taking a roller ride without riding the actual rider and sitting in a room? Definitely fun, Canadian theme parks began their experiment with VR-augmented roller coaster rides, where they uses smartphone and compatible headsets which displaced the best scenario that can be viewed through real roller rides. And by 2016, US theme park chain Six Flags was successful enough to create entire virtual city. The experience was real and accurate while you can even try Independence Day-style assault where you have been surrounded by virtual alien ships.

5) It assists in Coaching as well

Well, the power of human brain is breath taking, you can simply create enthusiastic idea at any time and wait for the right time to implement it. Derek Belch is one of the successful name whose idea of coaching teams through Virtual Reality has given new shape and future in learning the moves. Serving as the officer of STRIVR Labs, the creative innovation has been used by several college football program including the big teams like Dallas Cowboys. It captures 3-D video which helps to practice every moves in efficient and convenient manner.

4) Amazing NeuroTouch Cranio

Now, what if I told you doctors are practicing to be the successful neuro surgeon with the help of VR Technology? The technology named NeuroTouch Cranio practiced by doctors from Montreal Neurological Institute can be a next big things and helps to practice the surgery without any consequences. The VR brain surgery simulator helps to correct doctors during operation, while it also improves, records, analyze and enhance the technical skills for new surgeons. No matter what, these will surely saves millions of lives while no one has to go with possible surgeons mistakes.

3) Facing and curing the human phobias

Many people in our daily lives suffer from numerous unethical phobias. No matter how simple the fear is, it has break down the confidence level of thousands of people. Now, this VR technology helps to create favorable environment and creates surroundings to deal with their phobias. The program is run and is in continuous operation until the phobia is under control. For instance, The University of West Virginia in Charleston encourage numerous programs dealing with different kinds of phobias. It includes virtual program such as public speaking for one who is afraid of crowd and making people walk through high narrow glass walkaway for the one who is afraid of heights.

2) New hope to paralyzed people

According to study and research conducted by Duke University and the team of Miguel Nicolelis, they have been successful in giving the walking experience again to paralyzed people. The experiment was done in virtual environment where the subject can handle body movements through hand controls. It also helps in physical movement produced by exoskeleton. With years of practice, the result has shown positive signs while it has made completely paralyzed people to become partial paralyzed.

1) A big move in Police and Military training

Training through VR is not new when it comes to Police Academy and Military training. But out of the dozens cool innovation and application, only VirTra 300 has been successful in making it huge. The use of advance technologies and several options and branches, it put the officer into complex and dangerous situation. Focusing on de-escalation techniques, it gives officer good chance to come out from deadly forces alive whereas they can be really dead in real life situation. Based on real life scenario and officer manipulation of the scenario, these VR training is way more effective and can produce most effective security personnel in the world.

With such advancement, everything is growing wider, bigger and smarter. The only thing is how do we operate with it and take control of. Hope these 10 cool creative application for Virtual Reality helps to generate more ideas, help to learn better and do something even bigger to change the world.

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